The House System

The House system at the Senior School is very important to the sense of family that exists. Girls are allocated a House on arrival with us and soon grow attached to their House buddies within their class and within different year groups. House events include sports days, sports events, a school newspaper competition, ad-hoc curriculum based competitions, charity events and assemblies. The system is an excellent way for all girls to learn from and understand how it feels to represent a wider group of their friends and peers.

This year we have launched a new system for the awarding of our house points. At the end of each academic year the four house trophies will be awarded in the following categories:
• House merit marks
• House events
• House charity
• House extracurricular participation

The house that wins the most points across all four different areas combined, will then go on to win the overall house trophy. For the girls, this means that whatever their particular strength or interest they will have ample opportunity to win points for their house throughout the year.
Our House Leadership Team is now in place with each house having two captains in Year 13 as well as Year 11 and Year 9 deputies. Congratulations to all of the girls:
House Captains- Dakota (Head of houses) and Tanvi (Year 13)
Deputy House Captains- Grace (Year 11) and Francesca (Year 9)

House Captains- Nikitha and Tilly (Year 13)
Deputy House Captains- Anna (Year 11), Amelia and Paru (Year 9)

House Captains- Eleanor and Hope (Year 13)
Deputy House Captains- Anna (Year 11) and Eve (Year 9)

House Captains- Emily and Anna (Year 13)
Deputy House Captains- Mia (Year 11) and Rosie (Year 9)