Pastoral Care

We are a happy and harmonious school where pupils are celebrated as individuals and a holistic approach is taken to their development. Self-confidence, respect for others and hard work are key to the ethos of the school. The girls’ welfare is our number one priority and much care is taken to ensure that in each class there exists an atmosphere of supportive enterprise. Visitors often comment on the friendly, can-do attitude of Queen’s girls and the real spirit of camaraderie that exists within year groups, houses, sports teams and indeed across the entire school.

The social and emotional development of the children in our care is very important. We work hard to ensure that individuals’ needs are met at all times and that the girls feel they are valued and respected members of our community.

We take a lot of care to ensure that girls settle well into school from the very start with several transitions days, a buddy system and built in form time so that friendship groups can be built. 

Form time and House time is also built into the school week so that Form Teachers can really get to know their pupils, what they enjoy and what they dislike and how friendship groups are developing. This helps us to plan extension work, offer extra opportunities to those who may benefit and deal more effectively with any friendship issues that may arise.

Relationships are strong between teachers, support staff, our children and the parents of our school. Communication between staff and parents is excellent with updates via the Firefly VLE on progress plus regular parents’ evenings and curriculum update evenings. In addition to this formal communication, our staff are happy to communicate with parents on a more informal basis if they have any concerns or feel it would be helpful.

The school operates an ‘open door’ policy and we endeavour to make all visitors feel welcome on our site.