Fitness for all

The Fitness For All strategy at Queen's aims to encourage all girls to make healthy decisions for life.

We do this by offering pupils a range of sport and fitness activities through taster sessions, clubs and through the curriculum. The strategy enables the vast majority of girls, including those that don't see themselves as sporty, to identify some form of activity they enjoy doing with their friends to keep them healthy and happy. The aim is that this behaviour then stays with them for life.

Wellbeing is fundamental to the unique atmosphere at Queen's. Alongside being an academic school with excellent results, we are careful to ensure that girls are nurtured, supported and challenged appropriately to keep stress levels manageable. Our Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds festival places wellbeing issues as a top priority which girls find enlightening, informative and enjoyable.

In a nutshell, Fitness For All aims to develop girls to become confident in themselves and their bodies, resilient and goal-orientated - whether that is competing for their country, playing with their team mates or perfecting a yoga position.