Our approach to educating children and teenagers is a holistic one. We are helping to grow a future generation of respected leaders, thinkers and decision-makers. Ensuring that your daughter does these things in school – and does them a lot - is absolutely key. We aim to put our pupils right at the centre of their own learning, empowering them to know how best they learn, developing them to think critically and helping them to understand the world around them.

At Queen’s our number one priority is the welfare of our pupils – put simply, happy pupils succeed in school and, more importantly, after they have left. Our focus on healthy living, mutual respect, integrity and resilience enables our pupils to succeed and thrive in an ever-changing world.

The family atmosphere of our Senior School, with only three small classes in each year group means that we really get to know our girls as individuals; what they excel at and if they need extra support. A great spirit of supportive endeavour exists, exemplifying our core values.
Individual awareness is the key to success when guiding a pupil through their days at school. We pride ourselves on an informative, frequent and reflective approach to assessment. Understanding how a child learns and exploring areas in need of enhancement and enrichment enable a clear pathway to success for every pupil.

 Learning really is limitless at Queen’s; the expertise of our teachers is second to none and girls’ individual progress is tracked and monitored through a range of different methods, ensuring that no pupil can slip through the cracks of any subject. Parents are kept well-informed of progress and extra support and challenge are given to make sure all girls achieve their full potential - up to the highest ability level.

Pupils complete an assessment on entry to the Senior School along with several transition discussions so that we can fully understand their academic level, after which staff monitor development on a daily basis. Regular tests take place throughout the year along with end of year exams.

The results of this personalised learning are impressive with girls regularly achieving among the best external examinations results in the area.