Senior School Taster Week

There is no better way to experience Queen's Senior School than through a taster day. 

Our Senior School Taster Week for girls currently in Year 7-9 will take place from Monday 4 March to Friday 8 March and will give your daughter a real feel for life at the Senior School and will be tailored around the subjects she loves. 

Register below and our Admissions team will be in touch to offer you the best date based on what your daughter is interested in. Whether it be art, biology, physics, chemistry, English, maths, PE, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Classics, computing, music, drama, geography, history, RS, or DT, we will create a taster day to remember. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our Admissions Manager who will coordinate the visit on 01244 312078 or email

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