Peripatetic Brass Teacher

The Queen’s School Music Department is vibrant, happy and successful and it is a place where the importance of music peripatetic provision has long been acknowledged.  

We are looking for an enthusiastic teacher to deliver lessons to a small number of existing pupils and to increase the demand for brass lessons at The Queen’s School.  

There are two full time members of the department who work in the senior school and one part time member of the department working in the junior school. A team of approx. 10 peripatetic staff deliver instrumental lessons – some peripatetic staff work in both the junior and senior sections of the School.  

Departmental Structure  

The Head of Music oversees music provision and the post holder.  

Accommodation and Equipment  

There are 6 music practice rooms at the Senior School and two large classrooms. All rooms are equipped with a piano.  


Peripatetic staff at The Queen’s School are self-employed and the contract for lessons is between the pupil and the teacher.  

Instrumental and vocal lessons are given on a weekly basis and cost £18 per half hour lesson. (Shared lessons for two pupils at a time cost each pupil £12 per half hour lesson and are only available following consultation with the teacher concerned.) Fees are payable at the start of each term in advance.  


Downloads and resources
Peripatetic brass teacher
Peripatetic brass teacher
Peripatetic brass teacher
Peripatetic brass teacher - application form