As part of their science topic on the heart and lungs, Year 6 have been lucky enough to participate in a workshop with Dr Aravind. Dr Aravind is a Respiratory Consultant at the Countess of Chester Hospital, and he generously gave his time to come in and talk to the girls about how the heart and lungs work together to send oxygen around our bodies to all of our cells.

The girls were able to listen to their own and each other’s hearts using stethoscopes. They also got to look at a model of the heart and lungs and saw what an unhealthy lung looks like. Dr Aravind then discussed with the girls the importance of a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart or lung disease.

At the end of the session they learned about CPR and some of the girls had a go at delivering chest pumps on a model. It was a fascinating and valuable experience for the girls and we would like to extend our thanks to Dr Aravind for sharing his expertise with the girls.

Post date: 22nd March 2016