Excited Year 4 girls headed off for their trip to Kingswood Outdoor Learning Centre recently. Full of expectation of the adventures in store, the girls were given their first activity: making beds!
Some girls had a little more experience than others but there was no moaning and they were soon onto a tour of the site and the next activity of crate-stacking. The girls had lots of fun and managed to conquer a few fears in the process. After bedtime stories and a good night's sleep they awoke to their first full day, which began with a very popular hearty breakfast.
Wednesday's activities included climbing, laser tag, abseiling and a less energetic spell of four-leaf clover hunting. Well done to Lucy for finding a five leaf clover - an extra dose of luck, with it being so close to St Patrick's Day! The fun continued on Thursday with low ropes, fencing and team building and problem solving activities. The girls enjoyed pitting their wits against each other as well as working together to achieve a common goal. Friday's activity was the high ropes before they headed home with their many memories that will last a lifetime!
Post date: 23rd March 2017