Earlier this year, pupils from Year 13 took part in The British Biology Olympiad.

This is an extremely challenging competition organised by the Society of Biology to expand and extend the talents of students with an interest in biology.

The girls competed with over 7800 other students to demonstrate their knowledge and achieve publicly recognised certificates and medals.

Congratulations to all the girls who took part.

Biology Olympiad awards

Carolyn Collis

Sinchana Laksmish


Jessica Blinston

Paige Cox

Raabia Farooqi

Hannah Lewis

Jessica Twigg

Isabel O'Brien

Highly Commended

Ffion Bell

Philippa Way

Olivia Durnall


Anne Stairmand

Ella Peterson

Jenna Asad

Caitlin Lewis

Ella Barton

Harriet Wyatt






Post date: 27th April 2018