Year 12 Theatre Studies students enjoyed a hot trip to London to watch ‘The Life of Galileo’ by Bertold Brecht.

The production presents the life of a 17th Century Inventor, who tried to persuade the Catholic Church that the world revolved around the sun - unsuccessfully - for a large part of his life.

The girls saw the play as part of their Theatre Studies A-level. They saw lots of classic Brechtian techniques such as multi-rolling, masks, puppetry, use of music, embellished by a stunning musical sound track by one half of the Chemical Brothers. 

Drama teacher Mrs Band said: "The girls had the opportunity to see Brecht's theories in practice in a truly stunning production. We sat in the middle of the theatre in the round, so the actors literally stood next to us, walked over us and sometimes had to move us! We were sat on cushions so we could lie back and look at the planetarium above."

After the show the lead actor signed autographs and the cast explained how the company had taken Brecht's theory to "make the ordinary strange".

Post date: 27th June 2017