Year 1 spent a beautiful, sunny day exploring the huge variety of plants and trees in Ness Gardens last week. The girls were led around the gardens after first being told the history of the house and gardens. They learnt that a Victorian plant collector, Mr Arthur Bulley, believed that plants from around the world would grow and thrive in England and duly went on expeditions to collect them. The girls learnt that he wanted everyone to enjoy his garden and this tradition was continued when his daughter inherited the gardens and gave them to the University of Liverpool. What great minds they had!

Year 1 discovered many interesting facts about some of the plants; their sizes and heights, where they originate from, Latin names and many more.  They marvelled at the monkey puzzle tree, admired the rhododendrons and were fascinated by the bamboo.

After the safari around the gardens, the girls were able to investigate much smaller creatures during an exciting pond dipping session. Working in small groups, the girls were able to use nets to try and discover creatures living in the pond. There were very many tadpoles but the girls also managed to find and identify snails, water boatmen, worms and pond skaters.

It was a super day and the girls are now looking forward to continuing their science topic and planting seeds of their own. We hope they don’t grow as tall as the Giant Redwood and the Monkey Puzzle trees!

Post date: 20th May 2016