Year 1 have been getting green fingered in the school garden investigating trees and looking at signs of how the seasons are changing as part of our science curriculum.

The girls looked at the leaves of the deciduous mulberry tree and the evergreen yew tree and sketched examples of different leaves, using careful observation. They then gathered leaves of different colours and created their own imaginative designs, using the natural installations by the artist Andy Goldsworthy as a stimulus. 

After discovering a huge crop of toadstools growing at the front of the school, the children drew and labelled the differences between the fungi and flowering plants.  

Lots of discussions also took place about the ‘super moon’, bright enough to make shadows at 6 o’clock in the morning! Throughout the week, the girls recorded their weather observations in a diary, thinking carefully about what they could both see and hear. 

Post date: 29th November 2016