On Saturday, Year 6 pupils, Mati, Raka, Holly and Eve travelled to Bury Boys School to contest the annual AJIS (Association of Junior Independent Schools) Quiz competition and attempt to defend Queen's 2015 victory.

The girls, who have trained hard since September, faced questions as diverse as the type of seeds has Tim Peake taken into space, the size of the world's largest pancake and the date of publication of Alice in Wonderland.

They worked well together as a team, each contributing vital answers according to their particular strengths.

Prior to the competition the girls had tried to predict the subject of each round from the cryptic titles provided; nobody could have predicted that the final round, entitled 'What a Sport', would be an observation round about Bog Snorkelling in which the eagle eyed Queen's girls scored full marks!

At the half way point the girls shared the lead with two other schools but by the final question, they were thrilled to retain the trophy with a clear nine point lead! Well done girls!


Post date: 8th February 2016