We arrived at the centre to a warm and friendly welcome from Jean-Simon, our animateur, who immediately tested the girls' listening and comprehension skills by explaining the fire drill en français.

The girls settled in to their comfortable rooms and we enjoyed a delicious evening meal, where once again, we utilised our language skills.The area around Boulogne is very beautiful and the centre was surrounded by trees and fields. We were woken every morning by bird song and the resident goose!

The girls experienced a fantastic variety of linguistic, cultural and culinary delights and they certainly threw themselves into them with their usual enthusiasm. Crêpes, croissants, baguettes and all sorts of chocolate treats were consumed, not to mention the snail and cheese tasting on our final evening.

We visited an aquarium, where we were treated to an acrobatic swimming display by sea lions and the girls scientific knowledge was expanded. We saw Hitler's secret bunker, where he had planned to launch the V2 rocket and watched a wonderful film about the D-Day landings - a rather more sombre and thought provoking experience. 

A goat farm, where we cuddled kids and a 5 day old gosling, as well as finding out all about how goats cheese is made, put the girls' linguistic and numerical skills to the test once again. A local art centre gave the girls a chance to put their creative skills in to practice.

We had a tour of the various studios, where different crafts people were designing some very interesting and unusual furniture and decorative items. We had a demonstration of working with a type of concrete and the girls all got to make their own tile, with a range of stencils.

Later in the week, they rubbed these down with sandpaper and they are now at school, waiting to be finished off with polish. What a lovely souvenir for them to keep.

A trip to the beach, where team work was required for our French themed sand castle competition, followed by some free time and an ice cream (ordered in French, of course) was enjoyed by all. The weather was very kind to us and the girls had fun playing team games in the evenings, with explanations and instructions in French. It all went by far too quickly and we were back on the bus before we could give a Gallic shrug!

Apart from traffic on the M25 and heavy rain, which slowed down our return journey, we arrived back tired, but happy and wishing we could do it all again!



Post date: 10th June 2016