Our Careers Department is currently preparing our Year 13 pupils with upcoming university interviews, including medics, vets and Oxbridge applicants, all of a very high standard. 

Expert advice on how to impress was on offer at a special session geared towards supporting applicants to Oxford and Cambridge and other top universities and courses.

Girls from years 11, 12 and 13 joined the talk led by university admissions expert Llinos Angharad Williams from Bangor University. The presentation included advice on how to prepare for interviews beforehand, how to plan for the day itself and also how to cope with challenging academic questioning.

"It's important to remember that interviewers are not usually trying to trip anyone up. They are really trying to find out what kind of individual you are and whether you would be suited to the course for which you are applying" said Llinos.

The session had a special focus on the special style of Oxford and Cambridge interviews, but also covered the different interviewing techniques used for Medicine and other courses.

"It was a really useful talk and gave some very practical advice. Applications to Oxford and Cambridge can seem intimidating but this gave us a much clearer idea of what to expect." said Year 12 student Georgia.

Students have been offered a number of mock interviews by specialists in their field including both parents and alumni who have given their time to come into school to help make our mock interviews both realistic and relevant. 
We also hosted our own after school MMI session (Multiple Mini Interview) to prepare the vets and medics for this very particular interview type, where the pupils move between up to seven stations staffed by senior staff, performing tasks and role plays.


Post date: 24th November 2016