The government’s school performance tables which were released recently place The Queen’s School top locally for students achieving AAB or higher in at least 2 facilitating subjects at A-level.

This measure was developed as a way to show which candidates were studying and achieving success in subjects with rigorous academic content and it is testament to the intellectually ambitious nature of the school that no less than 50% of our sixth formers achieved this level, well above all other schools and sixth form colleges across West Cheshire and Wirral.

Facilitating subjects are particularly attractive to universities who rate them most highly when judging applicants for a wide variety of courses. They are Mathematics and Further Mathematics, English Literature, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History, Languages (Classical and Modern).

The news makes the school’s A-level performance last year – the best across Cheshire and Wirral with 20% A*, 59% A*-A and 89% A*-B – even more impressive when you consider that so many of those A* and A grades were in these challenging subjects. Almost a fifth of this year’s applicants are on track for Oxbridge or competitive courses too.

Along with other independent schools, we will continue to lobby the government to include iGCSE data in these league tables to enable accurate reading of Key Stage Four data which was also outstanding for Queen’s last year.


Post date: 2nd February 2018