Taken from an article previously reported in ‘The Wipers Times’ 1918.

This year’s eagerly awaited Lower Key Stage 2 production was certainly a break with tradition. In celebration and honour of 100 years since the Armistice, which signalled the end of WW1, the girls brought us a wonderful story about the impact that The Great War had upon one community. Through some brilliant acting, Year 4 transported us to a different era, complete with authentic costumes, fabulous singing from Year 3 and lashings of that greatest of British traditions, ‘Optimism’! What was most impressive was the sense of camaraderie that this tale, whilst not always easy to tell, brought out in each and every girl. Their spirited rendition of ‘Goodbye-ee’ was wonderfully nostalgic, whilst ‘If the Men Were Here’, definitely brought a lump to the audiences’ throat. The glorious finale, as each group ‘awoke’ to the news that this dreadful war was finally over was a joy to watch and the audience breathed a collective sigh of relief when Jack, whose parents had stoically received that dreaded telegram informing them that he was ‘Missing in Action’, reappeared safe and sound after all. The cast saved the best until last and sang their hearts out to ‘This War is History’ ending their production in style, whilst acknowledging the heroism and sacrifice that the girls' great great-grandparents had made for all our futures. What a wonderful Christmas Message for us all.

Post date: 13th December 2018