Tackling poverty and inequality

Year 12 engaged in a virtual interactive workshop delivered by The West Cheshire Poverty Truth Commission (WCPTC) .

WCPTC's aim is to ensure that people with lived experience of poverty are at the heart of how the borough thinks and how civic and business leaders act in tackling poverty and inequality so they can work alongside each other to create change.

The WCPTC also recognises it is essential to include the voices of children and young people in change, and that it is important to do this in ways which are fun to enable them to feel valued and safe as they have their voices heard. Engaging with young people who are more fortunate and our civic and business leaders of the future also has huge benefit.  

Year 12 watched a dramatic film developed by WCPTC about a fictional character, Lucy, entitled 'How we Live'.

Developed with support from television producer and screenwriter Phil Redmond CBE and other industry professionals 'How we Live' is a powerful film which raises awareness and understanding of the issues young people face, caused by poverty. The film is largely shot through the eyes of a young person to remind us all to have a person-centred, non-judgemental approach to the issue.

The virtual workshop in our Virtual Boardroom then allowed Year 12 to explore some of the themes of the film through the eyes of it's young main characters. Our students showed insight and empathy when discussing the themes and developing creative ideas for what Lucy's future could be like and a barriers she may face. Mrs McKeirnan was very proud of the way the girls joined in with enthusiasm showing passion to improve the lives of others.