Success at Speech and Drama Festival

Speech and drama pupils from the Lower School recently competed in The Chester Competitive Festival of Performing Arts. 

It was the first competitive performance for over half the girls and the classes were large with one having 38 competitors. This did not phase them however and Queen's secured 2nd and 3rd place in that category!  

All the girls gave excellent performances and can't wait to return next year.

The results are as follows :-

Year 3

Verse speaking own choice - Georgina - 2nd place

Prepared reading- Eleanor - 2nd place

Verse speaking set choice - Eleanor - 3rd place

Year 4

Verse speaking set choice - Michelle - 1st place and Isobel - 3rd place

Verse speaking own choice - Renisha 

Year 5

Verse speaking set choice - Veronica - 2nd place

Sight reading - Violeta 

Year 6

Verse speaking set choice - Daisy - 1st place and Martha - 2nd place

Prepared reading - Daisy - 2nd place

Verse speaking own choice -  Martha - 2nd place and Daisy - 3rd place

Sight reading - Genevieve - 3rd place