Stories from history

Pupils from both the Lower and Senior Schools have submitted work for the Historical Association's fiction writing competition this term - and the results are now in.

Head of History Mrs Tunnicliffe and Head Librarian Ms Gilly Mayes have now and selected entries for the national round of the competition.

They were hugely impressed with all of the entries! The stories were beautifully written and sophisticated in style and were also incredibly true to the period represented. They were very well paced, each with an exciting narrative. The girls demonstrated real empathy with their characters and created vividly imagined settings.

The Lower School stories were set in Nazi-occupied Europe and took the persecution of Jewish people as their theme. Mrs Tunnicliffe was most impressed with the empathic way in which the girls dealt with this challenging subject; their writing showed a maturity way beyond their years. 

Winning entries came from Year 6 pupils Alice, Izzy and Elizabeth.

Senior School winners were Caroline (Year 7) with "The Last Russian Grand Duchess", a story set in revolutionary Russia in 1917 and documenting the fate of Olga Romanova and Rosie (Year 8) with "Delenda est Carthago", a story about the destruction of Carthage in c.149 BC  during the Third Punic War.