Martha on the podium after securing second place in under 20 Welsh National Cross Country

International Hockey selection
Emma in Year 12 has again been selected to represent Wales in the U18 Hockey squad. She will be playing in the forthcoming international matches against Scotland this Easter at the Glasgow National Hockey Centre.

Cross Country success
Martha in Year 13 came second in the under 20 Welsh National Cross Country in Swansea. A superb achievement!
Pony Club Triathlon Junior winner
Beatrice in Year 7 has been competing in the Area 5 Pony Club trio of Triathlons in the Junior girls competition (12-15 years). These include a run 1500m, swim and shoot. In all three events, she was awarded best swim and achieved a PB of 9 lengths 17m in 3 minutes. She was awarded best shoot too, coming 1st in the Junior girls and qualifying for the NFU Finals which will be her first finals as a Junior. Last year, as a Minimus girl, she came 5th nationally.

Beatrice was awarded the Area 5 cup for the highest score across the three Triathlons for Junior girls and has since been selected to captain their first mixed team later this month.

Olivia in Year 4 who took part in her first competitive gala for her ASKA Chester swimming club. After training really hard she achieved fantastic times in both the girls aged 9 B Grade 50m freestyle (43.48s) and 50m backstroke (51.99s). She was hoping to achieve a medal in both events but swam so fast she ended up being quicker than the lowest allowed times for her grades of race and was therefore given speeding ticket bands for both races! 

Year 5 swimmers Aster and Kate swam exceptionally well in the same gala and gave Olivia great support and encouragement throughout the event which was greatly appreciated. Inspiring to see such kind and supportive attitudes as well as great swimming.

Post date: 5th March 2018