It was a great day for The Queen’s School Lacrosse teams at the North Schools’ tournament recently with some excellent lacrosse on display and an extraordinary display of determination, teamwork and resilience.
Our U14 team secured second place in the tournament, winning four out of their five games and showcasing some excellent play.

Captains Anna and Jess reflect on the day:

The North Schools' Tournament was a completely amazing and fun experience of playing lacrosse all day.

Though it was tiring, every single one of us played our best and we were proud to achieve second place, overall.

We played a total of 5 matches and won 4, losing to our biggest rivals Moreton Hall A team. However our best win was against their B team.

Our team used all the training skills and new techniques that we had learnt from Miss Lytollis.

Our best goal opportunities were when we fed the ball behind goal and to the cutters, leading them to score some brilliant, tactical goals.

We focused on playing as a team and kept passing so we were able to get the ball down the pitch faster. As captains, we were very proud of the team’s success and look forward to many more wins in the future.

It was a really fun day. In between matches we relaxed on the grass as it so sunny. Without Miss Lytollis, we wouldn't have had as much fun as we did with the in between match selfies and hashtags #squadgoals #pregametunes #squadhair.

Well done to the U14 team, Jessica, Anna, Cara, Maryam, Libby, Amelia, Bethany, Sofia, Bea, Evie, Saskia, Jasmine, Kate, Abbey, Hen and Felicity.

Unfortunately the scheduling of the tournament meant the U15 team had no substitutes on the day. Three of their games - which were 20 minutes long with no half time - were back to back resulting in an hour of continuous play, but the girls did not complain, held their heads up high and battled on.
The girls' sixth match, against Moreton Hall, which was the last of their continuous run of three games, was a particular highlight with the girls just missing out 4-3. They played a very clever tactical match on some tired legs. The girls also only narrowly lost 3-2 to Queen Margaret College, another strong team.
The girls' character and fortitude on the day was clear to all those watching the tournament. Particular credit has to be given to Alice who stepped up to play in goal for the first time ever and did a fantastic job against experienced teams.  All the girls performed out of their skins and deserve to hold their heads up high.

Well done Anna, Louise, Erica, Erin, Megan, Carmen, Holly, Verity, Louise, Alice, Pippa and Ciara.

Post date: 13th February 2017