Our Sixth Form drama students have pulled no punches with their latest creation ‘Sadako’s Story’ which has been shown to parents and pupils and filmed as part of their A-level assessment.
This brave and intelligent piece of work which was devised entirely by the girls themselves, takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, using a broad range of dramatic techniques to get their points across.
With Brecht as their chosen practitioner, the play opens with plenty of audience involvement. Slowly we are introduced to life in Japan where Sadako has been left injured and in hospital following the Hiroshima bomb. Her poignant story from injury to the crushing finale is central to the dramatic action and acted beautifully, but it is only part of this strongly stylised play which delivers a message alongside. 
Parallels are drawn between 1945 and today and satirical swipes are taken at world leaders – ‘Donnie Tramp’ and ‘Kim Un Jun’ have a feisty relationship in kindergarten for instance -  and a game show to decide whether we should ‘Nuke ‘em, Spook ‘em or Rebuke ‘em’ throws up some interesting characters and responses.
With elements of physical theatre – ranging from exhilarating dance to slapstick - and our actors dropping in and out of character, you certainly had to be on your toes to keep up. It was educational, ambitious and challenging - in every sense of the word – and the range of performances were delivered with a lightness of touch, humour, finesse and intelligence.
It was an achievement of which the girls; Grace, Bella, Anna, Jobi, Sophie and Eira should be very proud.

As the school's very first A-level assessed piece, we hope it has inspired the Year 10 and 11 GCSE students, who saw 'Sadako's Story' for the final recording.

Post date: 14th November 2017