Year 3 have had a fantastic time at The Tattenhall Centre on their first school residential trip.

For some of them, it was their first night spent without their parents. The fun started as soon as they arrived, with some art work. Then, after lunch, the girls enjoyed an afternoon of bushcraft survival activities. They learnt how to tie knots and hammer in tent pegs and were given lots of exciting challenges where they had to cooperate together to solve problems. They were put in teams and then used the skills they had learnt to build shelters that could protect them from heavy rain in the rainforest. Everybody stayed dry in their hammocks inside the shelters they had built when the rain (a bucket of water) came! They finished the afternoon by building the campfire, ready for the evening. There was great excitement choosing beds in the dormitories and unpacking before tea. After a delicious meal they went back outside to sing songs and eat toasted marshmallows round the campfire. Everybody enjoyed relaxing on beanbags in their pyjamas, watching a movie before bedtime.

The adventures continued on Friday as the girls put on safety harnesses and hard hats. They climbed a very tall tree and all zoomed down the zip wire. The teachers were really proud of them - they were all very brave and did a great job of supporting each other. They also completed a low ropes course where the aim was to get round together without anyone putting their feet on the ground. On the way back to school, the girls were very pleased to visit the Ice-cream Farm for a well deserved treat.

Post date: 29th March 2019