Examination time is now upon us! Whether your daughter is in Year 7 or Year 13 facing a test of your knowledge and understanding can be daunting and it is normal to worry a little bit. However, all girls at Queen's have been taught well, by teachers who regularly go the extra mile; the girls themselves are inquisitive and hard-working, their learning is extended whenever possible and they are supported at all times.

I say this not to encourage complacency but because often girls need reminding of the bigger picture. Queen's pupils have been very well prepared for these examinations and I would encourage you to help your daughter to see them in a positive light; to embrace them as an opportunity to show their teachers and examiners exactly what they know and how much they understand about the subjects they are taking. Our girls are brilliant - let's all remind them of that, even if they're not quite feeling it themselves. 

Mrs Joanne Keville, Acting Headmistress

Post date: 14th May 2018