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We have certainly had our fair share of headlines recently - BREXIT (remember those days?) COVID ...what’s next? Let’s face it, there will ALWAYS be a headline to heighten our fears and insecurities. ‘A lost generation’, ‘Children’s lives put on hold’, ‘Missing school is a bigger risk than catching COVID’, ‘A generation of children doing little or no work’, ‘Childhood is furloughed by failure to open schools’. All carefully worded to heighten the anxiety levels of any parent, and frustrate dedicated teachers!

Here at Queen’s we are making headlines of our own … 97% of our Infants and 82% of Year 6s have already returned to full time education. 85% of Year 3, 4 and 5 will be returning for allocated days over the next three weeks. 93% of our Year 10 girls returned for catch up sessions this week with 92% of Year 12 expected next week. 96% of pupils have fully accessed remote education, and are actively engaging with staff. Several staff have commented, ‘These girls are exactly where I need them to be at this time of the year!’ And a host of parents have written to tell us how well their daughter has adjusted to the remote learning experience and a long awaited return to school.

Headlines will come and go, but the consistent care of Queen’s staff ensure the foundations of an excellent education remain steadfast. When unexpected challenges are foisted upon us, it is the strength and support of a community, and the dedication of an organisation like Queen’s in remaining true to their values, that enable us to buck the trend, and avoid becoming a national statistic. Ultimately, percentages are irrelevant when a child’s smile breaks through the rhetoric … that’s the only headline that matters!

With our very best wishes

Sue Wallace-Woodroffe and Iona Carmody