A group of Queen's School pupils have been so inspired by the work of the Schools Consent Project that they have chosen to use their QUEST Volunteering time to become Youth Ambassadors for the project.

The Schools' Consent Project (SCP) has been into The Queen’s School on two occasion this year talking to all of the Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils in the school. SCP is a lawyer-led initiative established by criminal barristers in early 2015. One of the founders is Dr Rebecca Wright, a criminal barrister who was a pupil at The Queen's School between 1985-1992. SCP's legally-trained volunteers provide workshops to young people (aged 11-18) focussed on the legal definition of consent and key sexual offences. 

Dr Wright said: "I am delighted that three students from The Queen's School are volunteering their time to SCP. They are SCP's first Youth Ambassadors and will play a vital role in encouraging young people to discuss and understand the topic of consent in the context of sexual relationships."

Dr Wright's sister Laura, a former Queen's School pupil, also works for SCP.

The aim is to encourage conversations about consent amongst young people in order to challenge sexually harmful attitudes. SCP also aims to give young people the appropriate language and confidence needed to enable them to respect their own and others’ sexual boundaries.

For more information about SCP, visit here.

Post date: 1st February 2016