A group of seven Year 12 students have started the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification (NPLQ), a brand new activity being introduced to the QUEST Sixth Form Enrichment Programme this year. 

Delivered by Yvonne Parry who is an Aquatics Lead for Brio Leisure, the girls will spend 40 hours this term in the classroom and in our pool facility at the Lower School site, completing the nationally recognised qualification that will allow the students to get real lifeguarding jobs once completed. 

The first week of the course focussed on the many legal and health and safety responsibilities of a lifeguard as well as the important customer facing aspects of the role that aim to prevent accidents before they occur. 

Of course a large part of the course does focus on life saving and first aid should the worst happen so the girls spent time in the pool starting to develop these skills.   


Post date: 25th January 2018