‘Amazing’ ‘Lovely’ ‘Magical’ ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Fantastic’ were just some of the epithets used to describe the hugely enjoyable Queen’s Christmas Choir Reunion on Saturday 23rd December.

The crisp winter weather and solemnity of St John’s Church served to heighten the Christmas spirit as we gathered to practise both new repertoire and old favourites in preparation for the brief but intensely celebratory evening concert. Some alumnae were pleased to sing items they hadn’t sung since being at school and even more delighted to remember notes and rhythms years, and in some cases, decades after leaving Queen’s!

A fun event like this wouldn’t be complete without festive food, and the sumptuous Afternoon Tea served at Booth Mansion on Watergate Street fitted the bill exactly. Some of us even managed to fit in a bit of Christmas shopping between tea and the concert! We are so lucky that The Queen’s School is so integrated in our city and this fabulous event certainly made Christmas very special. We do hope to repeat it, perhaps biennially, so watch this space.

Post date: 5th January 2018