Our Year 9 pupils became a Government for a day as part of the Citizenship and Society strand of PSHE. James Nichols from Political Education for Students came to Queen's to deliver the session which include an interesting range of activities design to help the girls think about the importance of Government and the far reaching, often controversial, decisions Government is involved in.
The pupils got involved in a range of activities including:

  • Setting up mini Governments, each with a Prime Minister, to debate important issue including Brexit, Trident and the proposed State Visit by Donal Trump.
  • A demonstration of different types of political systems using Pringles - anarchy was something to behold.
  • Ideas for Cabinet Ministers from celebrity, history or fiction. Suggestions included Mrs Tunnicliffe as Education Minister (up against candidates such as Steven Hawking), Mr Godfrey for Armed Forces Minister (up against Bear Grylls or the Rock!) and Mr Ainsworth as Minister for Older People.

The main event was at the end of the day when each Government set out their election manifesto. Each group developed 10 laws that they would introduce and change if elected and then presented their ideas via posters, leaflets and a keynote speech from their Party leader.
Campaigns centred around a range of issues from more money for mental health, to addressing the gender pay gap and the tampon tax. An impressive range of speeches were delivered and marketing campaigns created. The winning teams are due to be announced in assembly next week.
A great day was had by all and Year 9 were a credit to the school with their engaging, positive attitude and insightful ideas for our country.

The winning party was Equity with party leader Saskia. There were also two runners-up prizes for Populo (party leader Annabel) and SOHCATOA (party leader Grace) for developing excellent campaign literature.
James Nichols from Political Education for Students said: "The girls have shown considerable maturity and understanding when grappling with complex political issues. It's been a treat to work with such confident young women."

Post date: 17th March 2017