Q-Create week at The Lower School saw five days of some outstanding creations from our talented girls.

Everyone embraced the theme of ‘Our Oceans: Our Futures’ with many linking it to their own topic work:

• Reception enjoyed some artistic modelling using plastics and mosaics.
• Year 1’s Learning Challenge Question this half term is: “Why are humans not like tigers?” They thought it might be a little difficult to link this to the Q-Create theme of “Our Oceans: Our Futures” until they found out something really interesting… Did you know that there are some tigers that swim in the sea? They found video clips of tigers on the beach at Dubai and swimming in the Pacific Ocean. Just like many creatures that live in the sea, tigers are also endangered.
• Year 2 created beautiful 'doodle art' fish, mounted on ink, along with a 3D model mermaid, complete with scales and a long tail.
• Year 3 have been studying Roman mosaics and Q-Create week saw the girls creating their own mosaics as well as a large sea creature mosaic to be displayed in school. The girls also been made and painted 3D seashell models out of plaster of paris.
• Year 4 have been looking at size of the ocean and how this challenges us as explorers and settlers. Linked to their theme of the Anglo-Saxons they have been writing poems of hope and loss and designing shields and pouches.
• Year 5 have been using a variety of skills to explore the theme of 'Our Oceans, Our Future'. They used inspiration from Aboriginal art to create ocean scenes before developing their textile and sewing skills in the creation of Ancient Greek style sandals. They have also used Batik to create a whole-class sea-themed masterpiece!
• Year 6 worked on imaginative sea creatures, taking inspiration from the award winning picture book, Flotsam by David Weisner.

Post date: 19th June 2017