Our Year 3 pupils have been awarded special certificates for their participation in the 'Paws b Mindfulness in Schools Project'.

This primary school mindfulness curriculum teaches children about their brain, what each part of the brain is responsible for and the role that mindfulness practice can play on the impact of this.

The girls have been gently guided through:

  • Ways to steady themselves when their mind or body is busy or out of balance.
  • Ways to respond rather than react – and therefore take best care of themselves.
  • Ways to relate to their thinking processes and how these impact their emotions and body state.
  • Ways that mindfulness can support them in all the activities and relationships of their lives.

The Pawsb programme will continue to roll out to the remaining Key Stage 2 pupils this year with Year 4 beginning their six week programme after the half term break.

Post date: 25th October 2016