Do you know your 1089 times table? Did you know you can cut a cube of cheese into 93 pieces with 8 straight cuts? Or that there are 12,988,816 different ways to cover a chess board with 32 dominoes? The girls in Key Stage Two do! 

The girls were thrilled and entertained by the author of Murderous Maths and the Agatha Parrot books, Kjartan Poskitt who recently spent the day at the Lower School.

Kjartan told the girls in the most entertaining way how he became an author instead of a rock star and shared with them some of the 'Magic Maths' trickery from his latest book. Highlights included nets of cubes which formed themselves; magic squares which work in 24 directions and so much more!

Everybody had a wonderful day and even the most reluctant mathematicians were entranced!

By the way - do you know the only number in the English language with its letters in alphabetical order? We do!

Post date: 28th April 2015