Poetry plaudits for Jada

Huge congratulations must go to Jada who has had three separate pieces of poetry published in three different anthologies.

Her talent for writing was first spotted by English teacher Mrs Dunham who encouraged her to submit her work for publication. She had always been a keen writer but hadn't considered poetry before then.

Jada explains: "I love to write but I’d never really considered poems until Mrs Dunham. I like fiction and fantasy so I just write whenever an idea pops into my head. I never really finish anything long but I always feed back into established ideas when I have some time. I'm quite excited by this although it felt a little surreal at first - just the thought that my name and something I did was in a book!"

Trapped is a dark twist on Red Riding Hood, Moonlust is about light and dark and the pretty moment when the two meet at night on a full moon and her third poem is about being a teenager - caught between childhood and adulthood and the feelings that accompany that. They can be found in Poetopia Northern Voices, Spine chillers - Grave Encounters and a collection of teen poetry called Inner Voices.