A stunning representation of talent and commitment from Queen’s pupils thrilled audiences at The Chester Festival last weekend.

Riding high from their achievements at the Poetry Competition last week, we are very proud of all the girls who took part. The results were truly fantastic!

Year 6 pupils entered 4 classes and we won them all!

Please see below:

Set Poem

Winner   Isabelle Thane

Own Choice Poem

Winner   Esther Smellie       

2nd place  Mica Hird

Sight Reading

Winner   Isabelle Thane

Prepared Reading

Winner  Lucy McBurney             

2nd place Isabelle Thane


Year 5 pupils entered 3 classes and won 2.

Set Poem

Winner  Hattie Canning

2nd place Iniya Anand

Prepared Reading

Winner Hattie Canning

2nd place Amelia Lyons

3rd place Camrey Williams

Hattie also came 3rd in the Own Choice Poetry class!
The competition has been running for 80 years and this year had around 550 competitors. All the girls performed really well. For many it was their first competition and, although slightly daunted by the class sizes, they remained composed and performed at their best!

Post date: 10th March 2015