Year 6 pupil Eleanor has come a long way since celebrating being awarded Charlie the Crab for swimming in Reception.

Fast forward six years and Eleanor represented the North Midlands swimming team in three events,competing against all the Northern Counties in England, this weekend.

To be chosen she had to be the fastest swimmer in her age group out of 18 swimming clubs in the North Midlands region.

Far from being a confident swimmer, Eleanor had to be encouraged to even get her face wet when she first started sessions at school.

Eleanor's mother said: "To think that the desire to win the Queen's school swimming award back in the reception class - a small soft toy crab called Charlie - was the very thing that made Eleanor ask for her first swimming lessons! I am positive that without choosing Queen's school she would never have started the sport."

Eleanor won top girl in the four day North Midlands Championships last month and has achieved qualifying times to compete in all of the possible 16 events at the Cheshire County Championships in January 2016.

Post date: 23rd November 2015