Perfecting the art of revision

Year 13 girls preparing for their A-level examinations benefitted from some expert advice from top educational consultants Elevate Education.

The workshop - titled ‘Finishing Line’ - focused on studying techniques used by the most successful students across the world.

Presenter Keir told girls that the successful exam performers are not those that are born clever or that work 24 hours a day, but the ones that use effective study techniques that enable them to improve. ‘We all have areas and topics that we like studying least but actually these areas represent the greatest opportunity for doing better,’ he said. ‘A great idea is to create a bullet proof booklet where we can log the topics we frequently do badly on and in this way identify our weakest areas. We can then review these errors and set about fixing them.’
The presenter also suggested the idea of working with friends to practise exam questions, mark each other’s work, discuss the answers and then even write their own questions.

The session then addressed stressors and how to turn negative emotions into rational actions that deal with the source of the stress.

Year 13 student Darcy said: ‘The presenter was very engaging and covered a lot of ways to make sure you are working effectively and getting the most out of your time.’