New Heads of Houses revealed

Our new Heads of Houses were announced live in assembly recently and the Year 12 girls clearly have lots of plans and ideas to make the House system even more fun for pupils.

The girls have already launched their first house event so let’s get to know them a bit better:

Senior Head of Houses:


Name: Abby 

Aims: To encourage more involvement in House activities and competitions. I would also like to create a greater community with the Houses between all the different years, to make House assemblies and activities more enjoyable.

Fun fact: When I was a child I was known as Abstical the Babstical. Also this is my dog called Henry.

Favorite subject: Chemistry, I find it very interesting and it links into lots of my other A-level subjects. It can be difficult at times but I love a challenge!  

Heads of Sanford:

Immy and Phoebe

Name: Immy

Aims: To bring new ideas to the House system, and help queens be environmentally friendly

Fun fact: I’m allergic to running

Favourite subject: Maths because it’s not subjective there is always a clear answer

Name: Phoebe

Aims: To mix up the years within Sandford, creating a closer relationship between all years and making it more fun for everyone

Fun fact: I’m a massive hockey fan and manage to fall over in almost every game I play

Favourite subject: Geography and biology because they relate so well to everyday life and it’s exciting to learn about what’s going on around you

Heads of Westminster:

Hen and Anna

Name: Hen 

Aims: To make House meetings and events enjoyable and fun for everyone and be a break from stresses/work of school.

Fun fact: I love food!

Favourite subject: Art as it is a time to relax from day to day school work and lets me be creative.

Name: Anna 

Aims: I want to integrate the school years and introduce more competitions and friendly sport tournaments

Fun fact: I want to be an actor

Favourite subject: History because I find it really interesting and the lessons are so much fun

Heads of Hastings:

Saskia and Freya

Name: Saskia

Aims: To create fun enjoyable House activities for a time of relaxation in school and away from the work 

Fun fact: I fly gryocoptors in my free time 

Favourite subject: Maths because there are precise right or wrong answers, clear methods and I find them satisfying to solve

Name: Freya

Aims: To achieve a welcoming and interactive community within the House and work successfully with my fellow house captain in order to bring unique fundraising ideas into action.

Fun fact: I’ve been a ballet dancer from three years old and have my own pair of pointe shoes.

Favourite Subject: Spanish because I love speaking a different language and studying other cultures.

Heads of Thompson:

Amelia and Ellen

Name: Amelia 

Aims: To make the House system more integrated and to allow each student to tailor their own house experience 

Fun fact: I wouldn’t have played lacrosse if it wasn’t for queens introducing it to me in year 7

Favourite subject: PE as it combines my love of sport with my interest in sciences

Name: Ellen

Aims: To encourage and improve pupil engagement in the House system

Fun fact: I believe a good cup of tea will help solve any problem :) 

Favourite subject: Spanish because it helps me understand different cultures, as well as enabling me to communicate with many more people

The picture of Ellen is of her visiting one of her favourite places, Criccieth, which is a place that she has been visiting since she was little.