Girls took part in a number of activities to celebrate National Poetry Day last week. From short rhymes to long and complex verse, the girls studied the beauty and power of a range of poems, often using a famous or favourite piece of poetry as a springboard for further investigation and creativity.

In Reception the girls have been sharing rhymes all week as well as song and rhyme books with parents at home. Their main focus has been 'Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer' and they have been talking about looking after the environment. In the rhyme, that's why the little men did not want to land on earth.....people weren't looking after it!     

Year 1 pupils found leaves as a response to the poem 'Misty' by Shirley Hughes. They listened to the poem and thought about the images that the words made in their heads. They remembered all of the descriptions and then found a tree in the school grounds that had all the colours in the poem and read the poem again together.

All week, Year 2 have been learning the wonderful rhyming story 'Wild Child' by Jeanne Willis. First they read it out loud together, using actions, then they 'picture-mapped' the story in pairs. Finally they recited the whole story off by heart, using the rhyming couplets to help jog memories.  

Year 5 studied 'The Nowhere Emporium' by Ross MacKenzie about a young boy with magical powers. They imagined what it would be like to have some of these powers and used this as the inspiration for their poems.         

Year 6 worked within the theme of their set text, 'The Kite Rider' by Geraldine McCaughrean, to write a 'kite' of messages to the main character's dead father. They thought deeply about what the boy might want to say to his father's spirit and collaborated to edit and improve their ideas. They presented their message poem in the form of a giant Chinese kite which is now 'flying' in their classroom.

Post date: 10th October 2016