Under the shadow of the spectacular solar eclipse, Year 4 boarded the coach recently for their annual trip to the Kingswood centre at Hexham, Northumberland.  

En route the girls enjoyed scrambling over the Roman ruins at Housestead Fort and marched along a length of Hadrian's Wall, enthusiastically bringing their history learning to life.

During an action packed three days at Kingswood, girls faced and challenged their fears and tackled high level crate stacking, abseiling, the zip wire and climbing wall and the thrill ride for most - the 3G swing! 

Every girl crawled through sticky mud blindfolded, guided by the supportive teamwork of their classmates and all took part in a team activity, helping each other over and under the challenges of a mammoth obstacle course. 

The girls all rose to the occasion, coping brilliantly with making their own beds and sleeping away from home for three nights, enjoying excellent meals, from tasty cooked breakfasts to bedtime hot chocolate throughout. 

Year 4 brought back wonderful memories of new experiences, together with bags of very muddy clothing!

Post date: 13th April 2015