Four girls from Year 6 were recently invited to attend a Lego robotics workshop organised by PGCE students at Chester University. The event took place at the Thornton Science Park and the girls arrived to discover they were being sent on a Mars mission!

The intrepid trio were challenged to use their knowledge of coding to program a Mars Roamer in order to accomplish several tasks against another team and the clock. Each task involved different coding techniques and using a range of sensors and motors. Points were awarded for a successful mission and deducted for leaving the planet’s surface or running out of time!

The Mars Roamer had to travel around the planet negotiating obstacles and collecting rock samples.

Each girl had a chance to play a variety of roles within the team including Commander, Engineer, Flight Controller and Technician. The girls worked together extremely well, communicating and collaborating in order to solve the problems they encountered and complete the challenges. 

Next stop, the moon! 

Post date: 2nd March 2016