Our girls in Reception are mad about minibeasts where they have been very busy in our creepy crawly cave sorting and classifying minibeasts. 

In maths they have been practising doubling and halving by looking at the spots on ladybirds and they have also been creating tally charts of the minibeasts found around the school.

They were even lucky enough to see a spider carrying a sack of eggs ( many thanks to Mrs Long)! 

The class has looked at the life cycle of butterflies and created their own books about it and they are now excitedly watching the class caterpillars as they grow and change into butterflies. They have also been learning about the different habitats that minibeasts live in and why they suit certain conditions. In art the girls made and designed their own minibeast mobiles, as well as sewed spider web patterns.

You may see some caterpillars crawling along our classroom ceiling but hopefully not the snails and slugs from our snail farm!

They are all now fully qualified Bug Detectives!

Post date: 21st May 2018