Last term, we saw a number of different maths challenges take place with some superb results. 

The Maths Education on Merseyside (MEM) challenges were handed out to girls across all year groups which were completed over the half term holiday and sent off to be assessed.

Three of our girls were awarded prizes at an awards evening at The University of Liverpool recently:

In The Open Challenge, Geraldine in Year 12 and Raka in Year 8 produced some excellent solutions to the problems and both won a prize. In The Senior Challenge, Raka won best in school and second prize overall.

In The MEM Challenge, Eve in Year 8 produced some superb solutions and deservedly won a prize, whilst Raka won best in school and first prize overall!  Amazing performances girls, very well done!

Last term also saw girls from Years 8-11 take part in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge.

Over 250,000 students from more than 3,000 schools and colleges across the UK took part in this challenge aimed at students in Years 10 and 11. Congratulations to the girls below who received a certificate but also well done to all those who took part.  The questions are very difficult!

UK Intermediate Maths Challenge
Award Year 8 Year 9  Year 10 Year 11

Esther Smellie

Isabel White

Vrishali Shetty

Leonie Brown

Lucy       Thompson  

Emily Fagan

Emma Islip

Fiona Johnson

Maryam Khan

Grace Bowan

Caroline Holland

Anna Karlakki





Kate Holden

Maddie Canning

Carmen Garcia-Diaz

Chloe Fahmy

Anna McBurney

Sophie Paul

Louise Kiely

Eve Rogers


Ella Dimbylow

Carmen Vicary (best in Year 9)




Melanie Paul

Mia Taylor

Bethany Griffiths      

Freya Rains

Saskia Ball

Anne Capewell (best in year 10) 

Rosa Hall

Katelyn Harrison

Rachel Whitfield (best in Year 11)



Gold Raka (best in school)          

Raka qualified for the Intermediate Olympiad and has finished within the top 50 students in the country – a tremendous achievement considering it is a challenge aimed at students in years 10 and 11.  She has been awarded a book prize and a medal.


Post date: 4th May 2018