Lower School teaching assistant and postgraduate artist Kate Gater will be exhibiting her sound art at the launch of David Cotterell’s ‘Maelstrom’ at The King Charles' Tower and Gardens.

The project FLOAT was initiated in February 2017 to coincide with these commissions as a mentoring programme, in which David Cotterrell, Bedwyr Williams and Nayan Kulkarni have been offering their support and guidance to the ongoing development of Kate and another artist Estelle Wooley's individual practices.

As well as being a teaching assistant at the Lower School, Kate Gater is an artist working with sound and digital technologies, currently undergoing her PhD in Sound Art at the University of Chester.  Her work involves researching rarely seen rural areas. 

For FLOAT, she has produced two surround sound pieces, ‘Fallen But Not Forgotten’ made from field recordings of creaking trees which will be sited in King Charles Tower, and ‘Deep in the Sacred’ made from recordings of the Cathedral.

Estelle Woolley is an interdisciplinary artist and MA Fine Art graduate from The University of Chester.  She has been developing her site specific works which include video and performance as well as her interest in the intersection of sound and sculpture. 

Work shown on the opening evening (Friday 27 October) will comprise of a playful series of sound sculptures, including a purring lawnmower, taking the viewer on a multisensory discovery of the newly renovated King Charles' Tower gardens.

David Cotterrell is an installation artist, and digital media specialist working across varied media including video, audio interactive media, artificial intelligence, device control and hybrid technology. In consultation with theatre lighting engineers and audio visual professionals, David has devised a lighting projection system that will shift the understanding of the existing surface of the canal, through the illusion of shadows and movement. The projector will animate the water by overlaying the effect of light and shadow, giving the impression that a whirlpool appears and disappears.


Post date: 16th October 2017