Year 10 pupil Lucy has been successfully elected as Member of Youth Parliament (MYP), making her one of two representatives for Cheshire West and Chester for the next two years. 

This is a huge achievement and Lucy will now represent the young people of Cheshire West and Chester and work with MPs, decision makers, councillors and local youth groups on the issues of greatest concern to their constituents.

A total of 6106 votes were cast for the five prospective candidates after a video of each of one of the candidates giving a one minutes speech was played in assemblies and classes. Lucy and Sarah Stern received the most votes overall.

Nationally, the views of young people are represented in the UKYP manifesto, which contains statements on the issues MYPs think are most important. They work across the UK work to give young people a voice – listening to marginalised groups, organising events, making films, meeting MPs, lobbying for change, organising campaigns and appearing in the media, all to amplify the views of their peers.

Lucy and Sarah, along with the Deputy MYPs, will attend Youthforia, the North West Youth Forum to work with fellow MYPs and youth Councillors from the region on campaigns such as ‘Don’t Hate Educate’ a UKYP campaign to challenge negative attitudes around race and religion; working with others to educate their communities in order to tackle ignorance around race and religion; and promote integration in their communities.

They will attend the annual sitting of the Parliament in York and will have the privilege of attending a debate in the House of Commons chaired by The Speaker, John Bercow.

Post date: 18th April 2016