Lower School biathlon winners

Girls at the Lower School rose to a big challenge recently with their very own inter-house biathlon.

Key Stage Two girls swam between two and four lengths of the school pool and then run between two and four laps of the large school field, depending on their age.

The annual event is part of the school’s Fitness For All strategy, which aims to encourage healthy attitudes and behaviours in all pupils.

Sports Teacher Mrs Tottey said: “Congratulations to all the girls for competing with enthusiasm, determination and for showing such tremendous team spirit throughout the morning.”

Head of the Lower School Mrs Cookson said: “The girls were absolutely fearless and loved the opportunity to compete for their House. Encouraging all the girls to keeping active and healthy is part of what we do as a school through our Fitness For All campaign. This sort of activity also helps to embed a healthy attitude, while also teaching pupils about resilience, strength of character, teamwork, empathy and kindness in a fun way.”


The year group winners were as follows:


Year 3 Freya Artell 

Year 4 Hana Wiley 

Year 5 Beatrice Taylor 

Year 6 Gracie Anwyl 


The team results were:


1st Griffins

2nd Phoenix

3rd Unicorns

4th Dragons


Class results:



1st Freya Artell

2nd Millie Watts

3rd Sophia Andrew



1st Aster McCann

2nd Emily Owen

3rd Elena Lyons



1st Abigail Jeavons

2nd Clara Cummins

3rd Millie Bellis



1st Hana Wiley

2nd Alexa Byrne

3rd Arabella Gardiner



1st Beatrice Taylor

2nd Evie Williams

3rd Emily Rafferty



1st Julia Garcia Diaz

2nd Freya Watson

3rd Martha Bevan



1st Holly Mulligan

2nd Minty Mosley

3rd Amelia Lyons



1st Gracie Anwyl

2nd Eleanor Gill

3rd Hattie Canning

Post date: 21st October 2015