Lower School Blog: Inspirational role models

Whilst fulfilling their roles as ‘Queen Bees’, our Year 6s are proving to be inspiring role models to the younger members of our school community.

Secretly, I think they relish the opportunity to play with the simple toys of their younger years – bikes, train sets, building blocks - all are happily shared and enjoyed with our equally enthusiastic younger girls.

This week, on the Infant playground, I had the pleasure to watch some unexpected, organic learning – I doubt the Year 6s realised how much they were demonstrating the life skills we are championing from the very start … teamwork, communication, problem solving, courage, perseverance, and the feeling of satisfaction and pride that comes with success.

To frame the picture, the younger girls started building a tower, but their age and height restricted progress. Our Year 6s stepped in to help … height was certainly an advantage, but it was their problem solving skills that really facilitated progress – building steps to gain further height advantage, considering safety, donning hard hats, and encouraging younger participants and spectators to do the same! Most importantly, they reflected the necessary focus and grit to achieve their goal, and all done without any adult prompts or intervention!

Thank you ‘Queen Bees’ for being inspirational role models to our more impressionable pupils … even when you thought you were just having fun!

Miss Carmody, Head of the Lower School