Year 1 are thoroughly enjoying their Learning Challenge Curriculum (LCC) theme inspired by the question “Where do the wheels on the bus go?” This has led to various learning opportunities, linked to transport and travel around the world. The girls have focused on two parts of the word to compare geographically - Chester in England and Michigan in the U.S.A. It was lovely to welcome one of our parents, Mrs Sexton, into school recently to talk to the girls about living in Michigan.
1D have been writing their own verses for a poem entitled ‘Many Ways to Travel’. They learnt to recite the poem from memory by adding actions and creating a ‘sound pattern’ by using percussion instruments. The girls then explored rhyming words to create their own verses in a similar style. 
1H have found out all kinds of fascinating facts about Amy Johnson, who was the first woman to fly solo to Australia from Great Britain. Did you know, for example, that her aeroplane was called Jason? It confused us when we saw the newsreel from 1930 as we didn’t know who Jason could be! 


Post date: 5th June 2018