Our two new Junior Safety Officers are Isabella and Charlotte in Year 6. It has been a busy time for them and their class mates recently...Isabella has written a blog about their activities:

"This week we attended the launch of this year's Junior Safety campaign. Charlotte and I were both very excited to collect our badges, safety clothes and lots of posters for the school noticeboard. We are really looking forward to passing on what we have learnt to keep everyone safe in school, on the roads and on the internet! Look out for some exciting competitions coming soon!
"On Tuesday this week, we went to Safety Central in Cheshire. It was set in a model town full of dangers. There was a Tesco, a realistic garden shed, a farm, a train station and even an entire house! We all enjoyed the trip immensely and took part in a range of activities such as putting someone in the recovery position and finding out what to do if your bag gets stuck on an electric generator. We did a quiz at the start to find out how much everyone knew about safety. Our scores increased dramatically the second time we did the quiz, at the end of the day. It was a fun learning experience as there were real firefighters training at the centre! The staff were really friendly and informative and everyone enjoyed it thoroughly."
Isabella, Year 6


Post date: 9th October 2017