Our Year 5 girls were treated to a special talk from our Senior School CyberFirst finalists, aiming to inspire the next generation of code breakers!
Erinna, Limonèe, Leandra and Anoushka in Year 8 talked to our young, budding computer scientists about their success getting to the final 40 students out of over 12,000 girls who entered the prestigious GCHQ competition. They explained the dedication involved in the online rounds, the team work of the grand final in Edinburgh and the excitement and honour of a trip to Windsor Castle for tea with the Duke of York.
The finalists had also brought along “make your own” cypher wheels so that our girls could have a hands-on experience of decrypting some cipher text using ROT3 otherwise known as the Caesar Cipher.
Year 5 had plenty of questions for the girls and more than a few hands went up when asked if they thought they would like to take part in the competition when they are in Year 8 at Senior School.

Post date: 11th June 2019